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Learning Spanish, Having Fun!


Spanish Program for Summertime

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A fun and interactive Spanish Summer Camp from July 13th to August 28th with 90 minutes of open learning activities. This program is going to be held virtually, and on Fridays will be outdoor. There will be a different topic every week for the students to learn to speak Spanish in different scenarios playing games, dancing, singing, doing drama, art, and crafts. 

Follow the steps to register to the program of choice: 









1 week $150 

2 weeks $290 

3 weeks $420  

4 weeks $560 


5 weeks $700 

6 weeks $820 

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Register for the classes your child will be joining

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Payment according to how many classes you would like to take 

Do you want to drop in on one of the classes and have fun with interactive classes? Try our drop-in option and watch 90 min of the class for only $35 (taxes included), click on DROP In to continue.