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Learning Spanish, Having Fun!

We offer a variety of programs for all ages and are flexible to fit your schedule, contact us to learn more

After School Spanish Classes for Children 

We teach Spanish to kids from 4-12 years old in small groups by age. Classes are online  after school regular schedule. Our instructors are certified to teach Spanish as a second language applying our open learning concept by playing, dancing, drawing, singing, storytelling, and other entertaining activities where all 5 senses are used for children to think and speak in Spanish while they are having fun. We create our own audios, so our students continue practicing.

Classes are on Monday and Wednesday for 1 hour at  4pm and 5pm

(time might change, contact us for further information)

20 Lessons $487 + HST

Siblings 10% discount $438 + HST

Spanish Classes for Teens 

The program for teenagers 13- 17 years old apply  playful and entertained themes. Our Open Learning concept not only switches on teens’ attention but also inspires them to be independent learners. We apply interactive methodologies during class such as arts, games, singing, dancing, drama and much more to keep them motivated to practice speaking Spanish using the vocabulary learned. They are encouraged to read out loud and listen to our audios in their own time to continue the learning process.

Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour at 4pm and 5pm.

10 Lessons $300 + HST

Siblings 10% discount $270 + HST

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Spanish Classes for Adults 

We offer online and/or in-person customized classes for adults in small groups. Parents can also learn while kids are having their classes and working on their activities. We accommodate to your needs, your busy schedule and also we go to you. We put in place our open learning techniques for lessons focusing on travel,  business, and other special demands.

Classes are on Tuesday at 9am and 10:30am. Thursday at 6pm and 7:30pm

By levels of 90 minute class

Basic Level 

Mid Level

Advance Level

1 student 10 classes $400 + HST

2 Students 10 classes $650 + HST 

Private Classes

We deliver online or in-person tutoring to any level of Spanish knowledge and to any age group. We adapt our unique curriculum to your needs and special requests. Classes are very interactive and entertaining as we ask for 100% participation playing games related to the topic of the session. We teach how to think in Spanish, and how to apply the best techniques for a clear pronunciation that will make you speak as Latinos do. 

Private Lessons of 90 minutes. Monday and Friday at 6pm. Saturday at 11am.

Flexible schedule by request only.

Family packages available. Please contact us for more details.

Packages of:

10 classes $480 +  HST

20 classes $850 + HST

30 classes $1,250 + HST


Corporate Program

For companies looking to expand their participation within the  Latin American countries and are looking for a basic understanding of Spanish and the Hispanic Culture.


We re-enforce the importance of building relationships with future clients by running engaging activities. Also, We put in place our open learning techniques for lessons focusing on travel, business, and other special demands.

Classes are for maximum of 6-8 people, 10 classes at lunchtime (1 hour) $1,000 + HST. The tuition might vary depending on the length and the duration of the program. Please contact us.

Special Spanish Lessons (online only)

Looking to entertain your guests at your special event while learning some Spanish?

Apart from having delicious food and great people,  your party or event should be unforgettable because you deliver beautiful memories with the activities we will run  by playing games, singing, acting and more, 

We are offering in-person and virtual Spanish Informal Lessons for your special social meeting where everyone will learn the basics of Spanish and have fun at the same time.

The activities will last an average of 2 hours, however, we can go by the hour depending on the number of participants (5- 10 indoor) (10 + outdoor) Contact us for an estimate.

1 hour     $120 

2 hours $200

3 hours $320

4 hours $410