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Learning Spanish, Having Fun!


Our mission is to create a joyful, a motivational and an open learning environment that shares the Spanish culture through language, play and community.

About Our Programs

We teach Spanish in an innovative open learning method that includes adapting to kids' learning styles, and bringing in cultural elements in every class.

From the convenience of online classes to after-school programs right in your child's Public, Private or Catholic School (once they reopen), to tutoring for kids and adults, we want to help people either retain their heritage language, or learn to speak a language growing in global importance.  


After-School Programs

Please contact us to find to out if your school has our after-school classes for kids aged 3-13.

Adult Group Programs

Doing business with Spanish speakers?

We can come to your organization to teach you and your staff.

Tutoring for Kids and Adults

Our Spanish program is not offered in your school?

Need one-on-one teaching?

We can come to you.

About the founder

Patricia was born in Colombia where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Business and Finance and her Diploma in Spanish as a second language.

She came to Canada in 2005, the year her children were born. Since then she has managed to keep her mother tongue alive in her family.

Patricia’s philosophy is to integrate Spanish into an extracurricular language program where everyone can learn to speak, write, and read it through an open learning setup. And, above all, the goal is for all students to have fun in every class. That’s why HOLA was created, to bring this commitment to others. As part of this commitment, her whole family is also involved with HOLA in different ways.

She also wants to help non-Spanish speakers - kids or adults - to pick up this beautiful and useful language because Spanish is set to become increasingly important globally.