Learning Spanish, Having Fun!

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 COVID-19 Update 


We have transitioned

all of our programs to virtual classes

until further notice!


Free Virtual Trial


Hola Spanish Classes is now offering Free Virtual Trial Classes so you can start your journey by learning Spanish with a native speaker.



Online Spanish Programs and Individual Tutoring 

Do you prefer one-o-one classes to cater to your specific needs? Check our programs to find out what meets your needs


Classes  for Teens, Parents, Adults, and Corporate 

HOLA Spanish Classes also offers their Open Learning  Programs to Corporate teens and Adults. 

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HOLA Spanish Classes for kids

About HOLA

Learning Spanish, Having Fun!

HOLA stands for Hispanic Open Learning Academy.

Spanish is a language growing in importance globally. Whether you are a family with Hispanic roots that would like to strengthen your heritage language at home, or you would like to give your kids an advantage in gaining a future skill that could help with their career prospects or ability to conduct business in Spanish, HOLA offers an after-school program that is taught through fun activities and an open learning environment. 

If you are an organization that offers services to Spanish speakers and would like to get your staff up to speed, we offer group lessons for adults. 

And if you need one-on-one tutoring, whether for children or adults, we can come to you.



We offer after-school programs, please see our PROGRAMS + REGISTER tab or contact us if you would like to see this program at your school! 


Program not offered at your school? Interested in one-on-one teaching? Contact us for tutoring availability. We can come to you or offer online tutoring.

From our Instagram

Want to improve your staff's functional Spanish? Dealing with a Spanish-speaking client? We offer group classes and one-on-one tutoring for organizations, too. We can offer online classes if preferred.

¡Bienvenidos hispanos! 

HOLA quiere preservar e incentivar  el aprendizaje del idioma español. Hemos diseñado un sistema interactivo de enseñanza donde todos tienen la oportunidad de intercambiar sus experiencias y culturas. Los invitamos a que se unan. ¡Contáctanos! 

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At HOLA (Hispanic Open Learning Academy), we apply an open learning methodology, which is an innovative movement in education that includes adapting to kids’ learning styles; for instance, we use all five senses when teaching. We started our Spanish language academy because we saw children losing the ability to speak in their mother tongue. Our purpose is to help families to keep their heritage, as well as to introduce this beautiful Romance language to non-Spanish speakers. 

Spanish is set to become increasingly important, due to its growing trade with the 21 Spanish-speaking nations as well as  tourism  to exotic places in  the Caribbean, Spain, and the Americas (Central and South),


Hispanic Open Learning Academy HOLA

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